Year long focus on Poverty at Elmhurst College

Elmhurst College is in the midst of “The Poverty Project” which is happening all this year.  The school’s website explains:

The campus community is taking a yearlong look at the everyday scandal of material poverty at home and abroad. The Poverty Project was inspired by the work of Father Gustavo Gutiérrez, the “Father of Liberation Theology” and a lifelong champion for the rights of the world’s “poorest of the poor.” Last fall, Elmhurst College awarded Gutiérrez the Niebuhr Medal, the College’s highest honor, for his lifetime of service to humanity. In an effort to extend the meaning of Gutiérrez’s message, The Poverty Project at Elmhurst College is offering a variety of opportunities throughout the academic year to confront, explore and alleviate poverty.

The webpage lists a few poverty-related movies, This is an example of the practice of some colleges to pick themes that provide connections across the community and across disciplines.  For example, when I worked at Loyola New Orleans the entire freshman class on main campus read Nickel and Dimed and worked on related projects.  Encouraging poverty-related projects such as that at Elmhurst seems like something law professors could help with and support.


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