Plutonomy Memo

This Citigroup Memo (6674229-citigroup-mar-5-2006-plutonomy-report-part-2-1-1) is worth reading and perhaps would be good as a class reading assignment.

-Thanks to Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story for the heads up.


3 responses to “Plutonomy Memo

  1. Amazing. I can’t figure out whether the people who wrote this were gloating, trying to be neutral (writing just another memo at their jobs and able to live with themselves at the same time), or being ironic. It’s like reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, except this was real.

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  3. It’s for real, Sherra. Granular financial analysis. Thanks for the link to it, P.L. Citigroup is fast disappearing it from the Internet. Download and save while you can!

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