New Harvard Law and Policy Review Articles of Interest

Rather than highlight particular articles of interest — I am just lucky to be in this list — I thought I would just give include links to the articles in the most recent issue of the Harvard Law and Policy Review:

Julián Castro

The Role of Teachers in School Improvement: Lessons From the Field
Randi Weingarten

What It Takes to Fix Our Schools: Lessons Learned in Washington, D.C.
Michelle Rhee

Teacher Collective Bargaining, Teacher Quality, and the Teacher Quality Gap: Toward a Policy Analytic Framework
William S. Koski

Legislating Inclusion
Lia Epperson

Educating English Learners: Reconciling Bilingualism and Accountability
Rosemary C. Salomone

General Essays

The First Amendment’s Borders: The Place of Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project in First Amendment Doctrine
David Cole

Poverty Offsetting
Ezra Rosser

Civil Rights Reform and the Body
Tobias Barrington Wolff

Short Essays

Agents of Change: How Collaboration Among Insurers and the Public Sector Can Manage Risk and Foster Climate-Neutral Behavior
Amy C. Johnsgard

Relevant “Material”: Importing the Principles of Informed Consent and Unconscionability to Analyze Consensual Medical Repatriations
Philip Cantwell

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