Duncan Kennedy is Retiring

This will be a bit of an unusual post because ordinarily I just post a link, but Harvard has made it official on their page, Duncan Kennedy is retiring.  So much of Duncan’s work relates to poverty that it is almost silly to list particular articles, but ones that stand out for me include:

  • Kennedy, Duncan M. Legal Education and the Reproduction of Hierarchy: A Polemic Against the System, A Critical Edition (NYU Press 2004, originally 1983)
  • Kennedy, Duncan M. “Neither the Market nor the State: Housing Privatization Issues” in A Fourth Way? Privatization, Property, and the Emergence of New Market Economies (G. Alexander & G. Skapska eds., Routledge, 1994).
  • Kennedy, Duncan M. “The Limited Equity Coop as a Vehicle for Affordable Housing in a Race and Class Divided Society,” 46 Howard Law Journal 85 (2002).
  • Kennedy, Duncan M. “The Responsibility of Lawyers for the Justice of their Causes,” 18 Texas Tech Law Review 1157 (1987).
  • Kennedy, Duncan M. “Cost-Benefit Analysis of Entitlement Problems: A Critique,” 33 Stanford Law Review 387 (1981).

But Duncan of course did more than just write, for many of us he was and is a fabulous mentor — supportive and challenging in the way that few mentors are.  On a personal note, I owe Duncan more than I can ever repay for his help getting me the best job in the world and for his continued support of my scholarship.

Recently I have become somewhat obsessed with how great a soccer player Messi is — I am a bit late to the game which means I have lots of old videos to watch in wonder — and for many of us on the left wing of progressive politics, Duncan is a somewhat similar towering figure, albeit in legal academia as opposed to soccer (or futbol!).  A true giant and a friend.

  • Law Journal 85 (2002).

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