Conference Call-for-Papers Reminder and Twitter Social Media Note

First and most importantly, if you haven’t submitted a proposal in response to the call-for-papers for the  Spring 2016 conference, “Poverty Law: Academic Activism” to be held on Feb. 19-20, 2016 at Seattle University School of Law, please do so by the revised deadline of June 15!  It should be a great conference and, yes, we are trying to get people to commit early!  =)

Second, in hopefully the blog’s last expansion into social media for a while, the feed from this blog will now be available on twitter @ezrarosser.  A number of you did decide to join the facebook feed so while that doesn’t really let me know if you find that useful or not, I decided it was a sign I should provide a twitter option as well for the blog feed.

Photo Copyright Ezra Rosser 2015

Photo Copyright Ezra Rosser 2015

I will end this housekeeping post with a random, photo of a pre-social media sight from my summer teaching gig in Kyoto, Japan.  =)

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