New Article: “Vulnerability, Resilience, and LGBT Youth”

New Article: Martha Albertson Fineman, Vulnerability, Resilience, and LGBT Youth, Temple Pol. & Civil Rts. L. Rev. 2015.  Abstract below:

The vulnerability analysis presents a comprehensive vision of the human being, a vision that allows the construction of a universal political or legal subject and also defines state responsibility toward that subject. In this article I discuss the vulnerability analysis in regard to some of the issues facing LGBT youth and the role of institutions like the family and school in building the necessary resilience necessary for individuals to survive and thrive in society. Vulnerability and resilience can be placed in institutional contexts. The places and spaces where resilience is produced — such as family, community, and school, form the geography of childhood and youth. Those institutions are failing LGBT youth, but a vulnerability analysis allows us to see that this failure is the result of structural flaws and inadequacies inherent in an ideology valorizing family privacy, parental rights, individual liberty, and choice.

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