Symposium Published: “[Re]Integrating Spaces”

Savannah Law Review has just published a symposium issue on “[Re]Integrating Spaces” that is full of great articles.  Al Brophy’s article is particularly timely and interesting given the demands students are making across the country regarding the naming of buildings on university campuses.  And for those interested in property and dispossession, Kali Murray’s article is great!  But the whole issue is loaded with good stuff, so congrats to Savannah Law Review and to Marc Roark.

Volume 2, Number 1 | 1 SAVANNAH L. REV. 1 (2015)


[Re]Integrating Spaces: The Possibilities of Common Law Property

Alfred L. Brophy


The Federal Right to Recover Fugitive Slaves: An Absolute but Self-Defeating Property Right

Jeffrey M. Schmitt


Slavery, Property, and Marshall in the Positivist Legal Tradition

Marc L. Roark


The Road to, and Through, Heart of Atlanta Motel

Alberto B. Lopez


Remedies, Race & Civil Rights in the Old South

Caprice L. Roberts


[Re]Integrating Psychic Space: Law, Ontology, and the Ghosts of Old Savannah

Anthony V. Baker


Rated Progress: Robert F. Kennedy and the Desegregation of the 1951 Ralph J. Bunche Lecture

Andrew McCanse Wright


[Re]Integrating Spaces: The Color of Farming

Angela P. Harris


Dispossession at the Center in Property Law

Kali Murray


Using Historic Preservation Laws to Halt the Destruction of “Porch Culture” in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans

Jamila Jefferson-Jones


Boundary Work in Black Middle-Class Communities

Stephen Clowney


[Re]Integrating Community Space: The Legal and Social Meanings of Reclaiming Abandoned Space in New York’s Lower East Side

Andrea McArdle


Place, Meaning, and the Visual Argument of the Roadside Cross

Amanda Reid

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