Announcement: Launch of the Economic Justice Program at American University Washington College of Law

We are happy to announce the launch of the Economic Justice Program (EJP) at American University Washington College of Law, Though still in its early stages, the Economic Justice Program aims to advance the rights and interests of the poor and vulnerable by connecting students, advocates, and practitioners who share a commitment to anti-poverty work and by creating opportunities and space within the academy for such work.

The poverty law blog,, will keep its same website address, but you will notice a couple of changes.  First, the lead photo is now the EJP logo, but more importantly, we hope to expand a bit from a platform for sharing content from other sources (scholarship and news articles) to a site that also includes original commentary and work connected to the rapidly evolving poverty law landscape.

As part of the EJP’s effort to connect the academy with grounded work, we welcome ideas from practitioners—lawyers or community advocates—for research and writing projects which students can do as part of their upper level writing requirement or as possible student notes.  Please email any ideas you have for useful research topics or issues to

We are also hoping to create a collection of public interest job search guides, so if you know of a resource that would be good to share with students, please let us know.  A lot of good guides, tools, and websites already exist and we hope to collect those for students.

Finally, if you have jobs or internships, during the summer or during the school year, for law students or for recent graduates, please share those with us.  We know many great students who would love the opportunity to do meaningful internships, gain valuable experience, and help out communities in need, so please email us at so we can help connect your organization with these eager students.



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