Holes in the Safety Net: Federalism and Poverty (2019) chapters now available online

Holes in the Safety Net FramedAll the chapters for Holes in the Safety Net: Federalism and Poverty (Ezra Rosser ed., Cambridge University Press, 2019) are now available online at the following links. Obviously, I think this book is great and has a great group of contributors, so please do check out the book and forward it to others who may find it useful or interesting.

Holes in the Safety Net Table of Contents (To access each chapter, click on the chapter title)


Ezra Rosser            

Part I: Welfare and Federalism

Ch. 1 Federalism, Entitlement, and Punishment across the US Social Welfare State

Wendy Bach

Ch. 2 Laboratories of Suffering: Toward Democratic Welfare Governance

Monica Bell, Andrea Taverna, Dhruv Aggarwal, and Isra Syed

Ch. 3 The Difference in Being Poor in Red States versus Blue States

Michele Gilman

Part II: States, Federalism, and Antipoverty Efforts

Ch. 4 States’ Rights and State Wrongs: Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program Work Requirements in Rural America

Rebecca H. Williams and Lisa R. Pruitt

Ch. 5 State and Local Tax Takeaways

Francine J. Lipman

Ch. 6 Early Childhood Development and the Replication of Poverty

Clare Huntington

Ch. 7 States Diverting Funds from the Poor

Daniel Hatcher

Ch. 8 States’ Evolving Role in the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program

David A. Super

Part III: Advocacy

Ch. 9 Federalism in Health Care Reform

Nicole Huberfeld

Ch. 10 Poverty Lawyering in the States

Andrew Hammond

Ch. 11 Conclusion: A Way Forward

Peter Edelman


NOTE: In case it is helpful, if you download the Introduction from my SSRN posting, you will also have the list of chapters with links to their online version included in the SSRN download.


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