New Article: Preventing Trafficking Through New Global Governance Over Labor Migration

New Article: Janie A. Chuang, Preventing Trafficking Through New Global Governance Over Labor Migration, 36 Ga. St. Univ. L. Rev. 1027 (2020). First paragraph below:

The year 2020 marks the twentieth anniversary of the United Nations (U.N.) Trafficking Protocol—a treaty that established the foundation for global efforts to address the problem of human trafficking. That treaty offered an early framing of the problem as a transnational crime, best addressed through aggressive prosecution of traffickers and international cooperation to that end. Since the Protocol’s adoption, global antitrafficking law and policy have evolved significantly. The once near-exclusive focus on the prosecution prong of the treaty’s “3Ps” approach to trafficking— focused on prosecuting trafficking, protecting trafficked persons, and preventing trafficking—has given way to an increased emphasis on victim protection. Prevention, however, remains the 3Ps’ most neglected prong. Prevention efforts have narrowly focused on public awareness campaigns to warn vulnerable populations, as well as potential consumers of trafficked goods and services, of the risks and many manifestations of human trafficking.

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