New Article: “Participation in welfare legislation—A poverty-aware paradigm”

New Article: Yael Cohen-Rimer, Participation in welfare legislation—A poverty-aware paradigm, Regulation and Governance (2022). Overview below: 

“come live my life for a day” – why is this notion so important when it appears in people in poverty’s discourse? What is specifically problematic in welfare law legislators legislating for “the Other”? This article discusses the participation (or lack thereof) of people-in-poverty in legislation process of welfare law. The article juxtapose legislators “cookie-cutter” imagined poor, as exposed through archival research, and the real-life experience of people living in poverty, as exposed through in-depth interviews. The result is a more accurate picture of the problems of welfare legislation when it is done with no meaningful participation, both factual and rhetorical-conceptual. the empirical findings contribute to our understanding of the structural mechanisms perpetuating the exclusion of socially and economically marginalized populations from key stages of regulatory processes. Furthermore, these insights can be interpreted as paradigmatic of wider patterns of systemic exclusion.

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