Upcoming Event: Rural Water Justice

rural-water-flyer ImageUpcoming event: Rural Water Justice.

The final event in the RURAL INFRASTRUCTURE series turns to the heartbreak—and hope—of rural water systems, with a panel of experts and advocates led by Priya Baskaran, an Assistant Professor of Law and Director of the Entrepreneurship Law Clinic at from American University Washington College of Law, whose work, Thirsty Places, compares water insecurity in Flint, Michigan, and southern West Virginia.

Professor Baskaran will be joined for this panel by:

  • Camille Pannu, the inaugural director of the Aoki Water Justice Clinic at UC Davis College of Law and currently co-director of the Community and Economic Development Clinic, at UC Irvine School of Law. As a community lawyer with an explicit racial and economic justice lens, Professor Pannu works to ensure provision of safe and affordable water, particularly in rural California.
  • Oday Salim, an adjunct clinical assistant professor of law and director of the Environmental Law & Sustainability Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School, as well as an attorney at the National Wildlife Federation in its Great Lakes Regional Center. In addition to his expertise in Great Lakes region water issues, Professor Salim has experience working with mid-Atlantic communities impacted by fracking.
  • Katherine Garvey, teaching associate professor and director of the Land Use and Sustainability Law Clinic at West Virginia University College of Law. Professor Garvey is an expert and land and water issues in Appalachia and has worked on environmental protection at both local and federal levels.

This panel will be hosted via Zoom on Tuesday, March 22, 2022, from 2:00 to 3:30pm CT. Scholars and stakeholders from diverse institutions and disciplines are welcome and invited to attend. Register directly here: https://www.ruralreconcile.org/2021-infrastructure-water

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