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New Report: “ Donor Trust Report: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)”

dtr-dei-special-report-coverNew Report: Elvia Castro et al., Donor Trust Report: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) (2022).

-Congrats Elvia!

New Report: Donor Trust Report 2021: Profiles in Charity Trust and Giving

dtr-2021New Report: Donor Trust Report 2021: Profiles in Charity Trust and Giving ( 2021).

-Editor’s Note: Of interest to those who care about charity. Good job Elvia! Related media coverage here.

New Article: California’s Nonprofit Hospital Puzzle: Reworking The Jigsaw To Benefit Underserved Communities

New Article: Hayley Penan, California’s Nonprofit Hospital Puzzle: Reworking The Jigsaw to Benefit Underserved Communities, 9 U.C. Irvine Law Review 1131 (2019).

Standards for establishing and maintaining nonprofit hospital status have become the subject of increasing scrutiny over the last decade, at both the federal and state levels.

New Report: Donor Trust Report 2020: The Pandemic and a Three-Year Retrospective

2020-donor-trust-report-coverNew Report: Donor Trust Report 2020: The Pandemic and a Three-Year Retrospective (Nov. 2020). Overview from the BBB Wise Giving Alliance below:

2020 marks our third year reporting on donor attitudes and behavioral intentions related to trust and  giving. Our Donor Trust Report 2020: The Pandemic and a Three-Year Retrospective features new data from surveys conducted at the end of August 2020 (with more than 1,000 adults in the United States) and in December 2019 (with more than 2,100 adults in the United States and 1,000 adults in Canada). This report includes significant trends observed since 2017, noteworthy shifts in donor trust and giving attitudes within 2020, and charity insights in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

Noteworthy trends observed since December 2017 include: (1) a significant decline in the portion of donors relying on financial ratios as a signal of trust, (2) an erosion of public reliance on trust before giving, and (3) the continued importance of donor segmentation in reaching a diverse set of donors.

Ultimately, Donor Trust Reports aim to shed light on the dynamic relationship between donors and charities, with the goal of strengthening their bond. The ability of the sector to build upon donors’ generosity depends on public trust and on the sector’s alignment with the way people want to be engaged in advancing a greater good.

New Report: “ Donor Trust Special Report: Sexual Harassment and the Charitable Sector”

New Report: BBB Wise Giving Alliance, Donor Trust Special Report: Sexual Harassment and the Charitable Sector (2020).

Donations to help the Navajo Community cope with the COVID19 crisis

165575_647714383024_839793_nA number of people have asked me questions about how to help the Navajo community in light of the ongoing COVID19 crisis that is hitting the Navajo Nation hard right now. Before giving my very incomplete list of charities / places to donate though, it is worth noting that it is not surprising that the Navajo Nation and the Dine people are particularly vulnerable and have been hit hard by the coronavirus. The list of contributing causes below is by no means complete and is not fully cited/verified to academic standards but does highlight the tribe’s vulnerabilities:

  • Health care underfunding. Even though Navajos qualify for free health care through Indian Health Service, the level of funding does not keep up with the federal subsidies (in the form of tax breaks for employer-provided coverage and other forms of hidden subsidies) that non-Indians get.
  • Lack of water infrastructure. The Tennessee Valley Authority type push has never been brought to bear on the Navajo reservation, leaving one-third (that should be emphasized, ONE-THIRD) of Navajo households without a working toilet or sink.
  • Health problems in the population. Including diabetes, obesity, etc.
  • Poverty. Per capita incomes on the reservation are consistently half of the per capita income in the states that border the reservation.
  • Poor housing and overcrowding. Issues include not only inadequate plumbing and electricity but also poor insulation and overcrowding.
  • Close family ties and large families. Harder to untangle but close family ties, which ordinarily serve to protect individuals from the worst outcomes of poverty and to spread wealth, might today leave families more vulnerable to the spread of the virus.
  • Legal obstacles facing the tribal government. Jurisdictional impediments and negative Supreme Court precedent can make it hard for the tribal government to respond to the virus.
  • Governance challenges. The tribal government is not perfect. It is important to not over-emphasize this point, especially given the collossal embarrassment and horror show that is the current U.S. government and many state governments, but it also should not be ignored.
  • Etc. Lots of other contributing factors.

As a non-Indian who grew up in small part on the Navajo reservation, what is happening now is both painful and beautiful. Painful because it was clear that the Navajo Nation was going to be hit hard and now people are dying. Beautiful because across the reservation there are efforts, local, homegrown efforts, to reach out to the most vulnerable and help them out. When Ethel Branch, the former Attorney General of the Navajo Nation, started a gofundme campaign, Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund, it took off in ways that are awe-inspiring (it is now approaching $4 million in donations). A few weeks ago I was moved nearly to tears by a post on facebook from the group that showed an elderly (but still strong) Dine man standing in front of a traditional hogan holding a large bag of Blue Bird flour. It just screamed “Navajo” and community and culture all in a single photo.

This post is starting to get too long, so before I lose the audience, here are some ways to donate:

There are many other ways to donate . . . These first came to my mind.

New Report: COVID-19 and the Charitable Sector

donor-trust-covid-19-coverNew Report: Elvia Castro et al., COVID-19 and the Charitable Sector, BBB (Apr. 2010) [survey of charities and donors on the impact of COVID-19 on giving].

New Article: Wealth Accumulation at Elite Colleges, Endowment Taxation, and the Unlikely Story of How Donald Trump Got One Thing Right

New Article: Mae C. Quinn, Wealth Accumulation at Elite Colleges, Endowment Taxation, and the Unlikely Story of How Donald Trump Got One Thing Right, 54 Wake Forest L. Rev. 451 (2019).

New Report: Donor Trust Report

New Report: Donor Trust Report (2019). [The Donor Trust Report series is a periodic survey of adults across the United States and explores donor beliefs, feelings, and behavioral intentions related to charity trust and generosity. The ways donors think about trust and giving is dynamic; and our reports aim to offer a macro-level view of the state of public trust for the charitable sector, as well as identifying potential areas for improved practice.]

New Report: Donor Relief Expectations ( Donor Trust Report)

New Report: Elvia Castro et al., Donor Relief Expectations ( Donor Trust Report, July 2019). Overview below:

The Disaster Relief Donor Expectations report is a special edition of the Donor Trust series. In addition to surveying 2,100 individuals through an online panel, input was gathered from 68 disaster relief charities. Through the donor survey, BBB Wise Giving Alliance aimed to better understand the beliefs and expectations that the public brings to the disaster relief giving process. The charity survey, in part, sought to identify where organizations might improve practices in their outreach to potential contributors, particularly immediately following a significant disaster.