New Article: “Tech:” The Curse and The Cure: Why and How Silicon Valley Should Support Economic Security

New Article: Sage Isabella Cammers-Goodwin, “Tech:” The Curse and the Cure: Why and How Silicon Valley Should Support Economic Security, 9 UC Irvine Law Review (July 2019).

In The United States, the law has consistently shown lack of consideration for the poor. Nearly fifty ears ago, the United States Supreme Court held that claims brought by poor Americans should be evaluated under the lowest level of scrutiny, “rational basis.” At the state level, such interpretations of the law have been unduly harsh. In Chavis v. Lyng, the plaintiff sought special meals from the shelter (required by his medical condition). Frequently, the shelter ran out of food and could not meet the needs of the homeless man. The case involved the withholding of food from a staving, homeless man, barred from receiving food stamps because he slept in a government-funded shelter. Eventually, after various hospitalizations, he suffering from renal failure, malnutrition, and dehydration, starved to death.

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