My Op-Ed on Bernie Sanders: “Resisting the Triangulation of the Democratic Party”

Given the centrality of inequality to the Sanders campaign and the impact that focus is having on the contest between Clinton and Sanders, there is an almost constant stream of op-eds about the differences between the two candidates that are relevant to this blog.  My own op-ed that is part of that stream was just published so I thought I would share it here though it does fit in the “self-promotion” category of posts and, given how divisive this contest is among progressives, this is the sort of op-ed that some will disagree with for very good reasons.  All those disclaimers aside, here it is:

BernieEzra Rosser, Resisting the Triangulation of the Democratic Party, CounterPunch, Feb. 15, 2016.

There are of course lots of other, much better op-eds, out there.  Here are some that are related:



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