Call-for-Papers: Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy

GJPLP Vol. 25 Call for Submissions

The Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy is the nation’s premier law journal on poverty issues. As part of its objective to bring an end to the desperate conditions afflicting so many in this wealthy nation, GJPLP publishes articles from distinguished law professors and practitioners in poverty-related fields. The Journal aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum for all those seeking to contribute to an informed discussion on poverty and social reform issues, whether liberal or conservative, practitioner or policymaker, service provider or academic.

GJPLP is currently accepting submissions for its next volume. The Journal encourages authors to submit articles on poverty law and policy related topics that are no longer than 30,000 words in length, including text and footnotes, formatted in Bluebook style. Articles are read and selected on a rolling basis until all available pages in the applicable volume are filled.

The Journal prefers that authors submit articles through Bepress ( In the alternative, authors may submit their articles as a Microsoft Word document via email to Authors are asked to provide an abstract as well as a CV with their submissions. Due to the volume of content the Journal receives, we cannot guarantee a response will be provided if your submission is not selected for publication.


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