New Article: “North Dakota Case Study: The Eviction Mill’s Fast Track to Homelessness”

New Article: Breezy A. Schmidt, North Dakota Case Study: The Eviction Mill’s Fast Track to Homelessness, 92 N.D. L. Rev. 595 (2017). Abstract below:

Eviction has become a serious issue in the United States that must be addressed. North Dakota is no exception. The high rate of evictions is rooted in the application of archaic laws to modern landlord-tenant relationships. Part I of this Article will introduce the social and economic factors that contribute to injustices in the application of landlord-tenant laws. Parts II and III of this Article will review the origins and evolution of eviction laws in England, the United States and North Dakota. Part IV will fully discuss sociological and economic issues in modern landlord-tenant relationships generally and in North Dakota. Part V of this Article will analyze evictions in North Dakota. Part VI will explore solutions to eviction problems in North Dakota. Part VII will summarize how archaic laws applied to modern landlord-tenant relationships has caused serious socio-economic problems that are best resolved by substantial shifts in fundamental policies underlying the law and firm enforcement of the law.

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