AALS Virtual Poverty Law Workshop Announcement

AALS Virtual Poverty Law Workshop

The AALS Section on Poverty Law is sponsoring a Virtual Poverty Law Workshop this summer. We were motivated to organize something in light of the cancelled conferences and travel restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic. It is intended to be an informal gathering of mainly legal academics to give meaningful feedback to junior faculty. We have scheduled several presentations throughout the summer and include the list below, but we welcome other scholars to present or comment going forward. We hope to continue this workshop into the academic year.

Schedule (unless otherwise noted, all are scheduled for Thursdays at 2 pm Eastern)

  • June 18: Medha Makhlouf (Penn State Dickinson) with Nicole Huberfeld (Boston University) 
  • June 25: Ariel Jurow Kleiman (San Diego) with Sara Sternberg Greene (Duke)
  • July 9: Michelle Layser (Illinois) with Sara Rankin (Seattle)
  • July 16: ​Yael Cannon (Georgetown) with Wendy Bach (Tennessee)
  • July 27: Etienne Toussaint (UDC) with Marc-Tizoc Gonzalez (New Mexico) ​*Note: Monday at 1 pm Eastern
  • ​August 6: Shayak Sarkar (UC-Davis) with Stephen Lee (UC-Irvine)
  • August 13: Katy Ramsey (Memphis) with Kathryn Sabbeth (UNC)
  • August 20: Jasmine Harris (UC-Davis) with Elizabeth Emens (Columbia)
  • August 25: Jessica Steinberg (GW) with Colleen Shanahan (Columbia) *Note: Tuesday at 2 pm Eastern
  • FALL SEMESTER: Currently, we have commitments from Monica Bell (Yale), Maureen Carroll (Michigan), Kaaryn Gustafson​ (UC-Irvine), Michele Gilman (Baltimore), Francine Lipman (UNLV), Goldburn Maynard (Indiana-Bloomington), Jeffrey Seblin (Berkeley), Karen Tani (Penn), and Noah Zatz (UCLA) for the fall.

If you would like to receive the papers and Zoom information, please email erosser@wcl.american.edu.

First Workshop: Our first workshop will be Thursday, June 18th at 2 pm Eastern. Professor Medha Makhlouf (Penn State Dickinson)​​ will present her article, Laboratories of Exclusion: Medicaid, Federalism & Immigrants, which the NYU Law Review will publish later this year. Professor Nicole Huberfeld (Boston University) will comment. A version of the paper is available here: https://ideas.dickinsonlaw.psu.edu/fac-works/142/​.

Thank you – Andrew Hammond & Ezra Rosser

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