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Op-Ed: “Jonah Gelbach Responds to Amy Wax and Jon Haidt”

Jonathan Haidt, Jonah Gelbach Responds to Amy Wax and Jon Haidt, Heterodox Academy, September 21, 2017. [A defense of Wax and a critique of the letter writers and the open letter process.]


Good news!: SALT honors Jeffrey Selbin with the Great Teacher Award and Robert S. Chang and the Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law and Equality with the M. Shanara Gilbert Human Rights Award

Yay!  Congrats!  The announcement is here. (I might be a bit biased but I am happy to report this announcement.)

New Article: “The Untold Story of the Justice Gap: Integrating Poverty Law into the Law School Curriculum”

Vanita S. Snow, The Untold Story of the Justice Gap: Integrating Poverty Law into the Law School Curriculum, 37 Pace L. Rev. 1 (2017). [Abstract below]


Once upon a time, not so long ago, a student entered law school with a commitment to change the world. The student quickly recognized that success in first-year classes required understanding the black letter law and applying the law to various scenarios that had little to do with social justice. During the second year, the student’s career-services adviser reminded the student to think critically about post-graduation employment and the importance of on-campus interviews. Pressures to take bar-tested courses and securities law over shadowed the student’s plan to enroll in a clinic. The student soon graduated from law school, but with limited skills that would help her address social justice and a diminished desire to change the world.


Legal Academy News: “Civil Rights Center at UNC Law School Shut Down”

News coverage here.

Paper: “Is Mass Incarceration History?”

Paper: “Measuring the Impact of Social Justice Teaching: Research Design and Oversight”

Lisa Bliss, Sylvia Caley, and Leslie E. Wolf, “Measuring the Impact of Social Justice Teaching: Research Design and Oversight“, Georgia State University College of Law International Journal of Clinical Legal Education (2017).

Paper: “A Home of One’s Own: The Fight Against Illegal Housing Discrimination Based on Criminal Convictions, and Those Who Are Still Left Behind”

Legal Academia: “The Rise of the Thought Leader”

David Sessions, “The Rise of the Thought Leader“, The New Republic, June 28, 2017.

Confronting Poverty: Poverty Risk Calculator

Confronting Poverty: Poverty Risk Calculator worth checking out and perhaps sharing with students.

Another Racial Dot Map–perhaps good for class use.

The map, which you can change focus and level, is available here, and an overview article is available here.