New Article: The American Rescue Plan and the Future of the Safety Net

New Article: Brian Galle, The American Rescue Plan and the Future of the Safety Net, 131 Yale L.J. Forum 561 (2021). Abstract below:

In the year preceding the American Rescue Plan (ARPA), the unemployment insurance system in many states collapsed, leaving many workers to wait weeks and months to receive benefits. Millions more were ineligible despite losing significant sources of earned income.
This Essay examines the pressures that made the unemployment insurance (UI) system crumble and aims to sketch a way forward. UI cannot survive without much more extensive federal funding, and this Essay explores several design options.
I also propose tentative answers to the data issues and moral hazard worries that have been major obstacles to supporting the millions who work in part-time and gig jobs.
Finally, I examine the constitutional and budgetary obstacles to safety-net reform. For example, current federal budget rules perversely penalize efforts to enact “automatic stabilizers” built to respond immediately to future crises. In effect, these rules damage our economic future in the name of preserving it.

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