New Article: Digital Barriers to Economic Justice in the Wake of COVID-19

New Article: Michele E. Gilman & Mary Madden, Digital Barriers to Economic Justice in the Wake of COVID-19, Data & Society, April 21, 2021. Abstract below:

This primer highlights major barriers to economic justice created or magnified by data-centric technologies in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, there are three major trends related to data-centric technologies that are undermining the current and future economic stability for marginalized communities:
1) Collapse of benefits automation, particularly with regard to unemployment insurance
2) Expanded workplace and school surveillance
3) Digital profiling of economic distress

There has been little discussion of how these trends will heighten existing economic inequalities as the nation attempts to rebuild post-pandemic. The primer aims to fill this gap through a conception of data justice, in which technology serves to empower people rather than to oppress them. Further, it provides suggestions for reform so that technology works for people, rather than against them, as the nation emerges from the grip of the pandemic.

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